Casual classes only until the beginning of term 1 (Mon 29th January)

$20 per class or $30 for two classes

Wednesdays nights commencing 3rd January

6:30pm Level 1

7:30pm Mixed level/Intermediate

 8:30pm Level 3 – invite only


_B3C8329Evangeline Feary
BA Fine Art Grad Dip Visual Art

A self confessed ATSĀ® nerd, Evangeline, who has never been good at multitasking, on rediscovering dance at a late age ceased to do anything else, including housework.  Evangeline is the director of Cinnabar Red Dance Collective and professional performance troupe Ruby Dhatura (which she sometimes likens to herding cats, an experience both exhilarating and exasperating).  On Saturday nights you can find her performing with the gorgeous Ruby Dhatura girls at Adelaide’s premier world music club, where they have become exceptionally skilful at dodging tables and tapas whilst dancing.  

Evangeline has done all the usual workshops with all the people that you are supposed to, like everyone else, but possibly has spent longer drooling over antique Indian jewellery than you have.  She is also creator of wearable and unwearable art as the Lion, the Bitch and her Wardrobe, purveyor of all things sparkly and lavish to adorn yourself in.
When not dancing, she is worrying about not dancing. 


1263005_708992982448586_1784736835_oTricia Catford 

Tricia has always had a passion for shiny things, and none so much as her beautiful, dangerous scimitars, which she loves to balance and twirl.  Tricia teaches Monday night Tribal Sword classes and is a member of Ruby Dhatura.  She is also a crazy cat lady, but does not have as many cats as Evangeline – yet!